Factory of Mechanical Eneneering and Steering Systems tend to designing and producing of machines, devices and machine steering systems, as well as whole technological lines to plastic proccessing industry.
Regional Operation Program of Silesian Voivodeship – real answer on real needs.

Project tittle: "Purchase of modern CNC machine tool as a chance to develop and gain the upper over competitors on mechanical engineering and steering system market". Beneficiary: Factory of Mechanical Engineering and Steering Systems Mariusz Kuczmierczyk, Działkowa 7 Street, 43-330 Stara Wieś Project value: 617 178,48 zl Bailout value: 303 530,40 zl Project co-funded by European Union from European Fund of Regional Development in Regional Operation Program of Silesian Voivodeship on2007-2013. Informations about Regional Operation Program of Silesian Voivodeship on 2007-2013 you can find on
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